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Stealing Baby Jesus - Mystery Novel

Tragedy hits a family when their newborn is kidnapped.

Years later, it takes a psychic to learn the devastating truth. But, at what cost?

5.25 x 8 Softcover, 332p. $15.99

Holiday Price: $7.99




EWW! What's That Stinky Smell?

One sunny day, Stanley Shadows and Tilly take a walk in the park.

Suddenly, the friends discover a stinky smell. Oh, no! What will they do?

8x8 Softcover, 32p. $11.95

Holiday Price: $5.99


Peety Pillow

Your child will love cuddling with this original Peety Pillow designed by me.

8" Two-sided Plush Pillow. $9.95

Holiday Price: $4.99 Limited quantities


Look At Me!

Peety the clown loves to play pretend.

He's a cloud, a kitten and...what else?

8x8 Hardcover, 32p. $11.95 

Holiday Price: $5.99

There Is a Monster in My Closet!

Peety the clown is afraid of the monsters in his closet. He tries to shoo them away but, sadly, they don't know how to shoo. What will he do?

8 x 10 Softcover with read along audio CD.

Sorry, printed books are unavailable until mid 2022

For now, go to my YouTube channel and read-along with the book.




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