Laura Erwin

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Laura is an independent author who also illustrates her books. While she spent most of her professional career working in high tech, she now enjoys the opportunity to focus solely on her craft.


"The gift within stems from multigenerational talents. I come from a large family and have so many relatives that are artists in their own right. Essentially, it’s in the blood and I’m driven to create something whether it’s a piece of art, a story or another character that demands to be seen beyond my mind."





Paperback, 5.25x8, 336 p. $15.99. Buy

On December 26, 1989, Roberto Jesus Marcoli, nicknamed Baby Jesus, was kidnapped from St. Theresa’s hospital in Banpark, Illinois. His distraught parents, Peter and Carly, searched endlessly for him, hoping and praying to reunite with their son. Sadly, their child’s nursery remained empty; so did their hearts. Decades after the baby theft, Carly discovers by chance, Matthew Laney, a famous clairvoyant. Despite being skeptic of psychics and having only a sliver of faith in finding her son, she schedules a reading with the man. Nothing comes through about her son. But, Matthew has struck a chord within Carly and their interaction doesn’t end there. She wants more and pleads with him to help find Jesus or at least assist her in gaining closure. Matthew is drawn to the woman, sympathizes with her. While he cares, he's hesitant to get more involved or raise her hopes. Yet, his compassionate nature overrides his apprehension and Matthew succumbs to her plea. Big mistake. The kidnapper learns of their connection and is ready for battle. Fearful that Carly is nearer to the truth, drastic measures will be taken. How far will the kidnapper go to insure the truth remains buried?


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